Packing up to make a huge move from one continent to another continent is very intimidating for many people. To be frank, everyone is not capable of making such a move. With an international move, there can be some major sacrifices one has to consider. Where will I live? How will I earn income? How will I make new friends? Can I live in a country with a different language? Can I adjust/assimilate to the new culture? Starting over from scratch and often rebuilding the essentials of one’s life is not desirable. In addition, for some, there are concerns about leaving family behind and not being able to see them regularly. It takes a special kind of person to want to change every aspect of their lives. The decision to make such a move becomes even more scary when you have to take into account the feelings and desires of other individuals, especially a child. Having Lunch in Sao Vicente, Cape Verde  As parents, we could not just pack our bags and move without explaining to our 4-y