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Banking In Ghana

Banking In Ghana
Early in our repatriation process, we had the same question as almost everyone else trying to make the journey back to the motherland, “How are we going to generate income?” For most, it’s get a J.O.B. and work a typical 9 to 5 like we have become accustomed to in the US. For us, working for someone else was not an option anymore! With great planning and being extremely thrifty, a.k.a cheap, we saved a substantial amount of money to live on. Additionally, we created online businesses that would allow us to generate some money until we able to set up additional revenue streams. Before moving to Ghana, a friend of a friend share some extremely helpful information with us. She stated that she hadn’t worked in years because she figured out how to use Ghana’s banking institutions to her benefit. She had merely did what most Americans had once done in America to build wealth – invest in Treasury bills (T-bills) and  fixed deposits or what we know in the states as CDs (cash deposits).  
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We not about that "trotro" life!

We not about that "trotro" life!

Nowadays, life in Ghana consists of using public transportation everyday. There was no way we were going to pay $5000 USD plus custom fees to ship our cars to Ghana. Living in Accra without a car, can definitely be done without issue but it isn't always easy.  Traffic in Accra  The trotro is the main form of transportation here in Ghana. It is basically a van that operates like a small bus to transport people through the city for an affordable price. These vans are the cheapest form of transportation usually costing between 1 and 4 cedis (less than $1 USD) per ride. We were told by many upon our arrival that taking the trotro was the best method for getting around. A repat stated we should take the trotro for a month to get to know the system. Its been over a month and we have been riding the trotro more so than any other form of transportation. However, it did not take a month for us to realize that public transportation, especially the trotro was not our friend! T

The Truth Shall Set Us Free!

The Truth Shall Set Us Free!

For those desiring to reside in Ghana, remember it's a developing country and living here is  nothing like visiting. You will find within Ghana, there are two worlds colliding. On one hand, there is modern development happening. While on the other hand there are still poorly kept shacks/buildings, roads remain unpaved, there are sanitation/trash issues, and wildlife (chickens/goats) just running about. The Modern Side of Accra The Developing Side of Accra Many have told us that we were running away from America and that Africa would have its own issues. Not being naive about our decision, we knew living in Ghana would come with a cultural shock and there would be challenging aspects just like living in the States. However, we always asked ourselves, "What type of sacifices were we willing to make in order to live with more freedom and purpose?" We decided we were willing to deal with whatever challenges that would arise and trust us when we say, we have been