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Plans? What Plans?

Prior to our arrival, we were told by a good friend, “Any plans you have for your move to Ghana, more than likely will eventually change.” We didn’t exactly laugh at the idea, but we didn’t take it all that serious either. Over the course of first few days, this statement came to fruition. As our son, DJ, played in the soccer field with a newly acquired friend, brother Prince discussed with us the vision he has for Africans born in America. The vision of claiming your piece of the African pie by owning land and building a home. The very first thought was, “we didn’t plan on purchasing land at this time.” We had a plan and we planned on sticking to it. Our plan was simple. Get a rental, apartment or house, and live here for a year or two before we purchased and built our own place.

Discussing plans in Aburi Gardens
The thought of coming here and diving straight into the land purchasing process for the purposes of building a home was not something we desired, due to all the horror stories surrounding purchasing land in Ghana. Hearing about land scams such as land being doubly sold to different individuals, makes the purchase of land very unappealing. Additionally, were not interested in the possibility of our building budget skyrocketing because of the constant fluctuation of prices for building materials. Buying land and building our own place had become an undesirable endeavor to be honest, so we wanted no part of it right away. We had planned to stay at Palace Africa for one to two weeks as we searched for a rental, pay the required one to two years rent, move in and start our new life. End of the story!
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Scouting for Land Options

However, as we started looking at the houses being built around the neighborhood and brother Koby saying, “For no more than $20,000, you can have that type of house, as he pointed to 4 and 5 bedroom mansions, with the land included.” We started thinking why would we want to lock ourselves into a long-term commitment along with shelling out $5,000 to $10,000 on rent? Little did we know that our housing plans would soon change. No longer were we going to rush into a rental without getting a full lay of the land. We wanted to take our time. We wanted to research. We wanted to explore our options.

The one thing that has made an extreme impact on our journey thus far is proper planning as well as building our village before moving. We met brother Prince (owner of Palace Afrika) through our brother Samori Camara (owner of Kamali Academy) and believe us when we say, “you need to have brother Prince on your team.” He has helped us tremendously from how to catch the trotro (public transportation), shop at the market, negotiate prices etc. Most importantly he was ready and willing to assist/guide us through the land purchasing process as well as the building process. First, he said, “You all can stay in my apartment for as long as you need too because these apartments are for repatriates. We can agree upon a reasonable price that will work for both of us.” So, if you just missed it, Palace Africa is offering “Repatriation Transition Apartments.” What he has termed, “The Underground Railroad back to Africa.” Everyone has been talking about trying to build such a place for repatriates to transition without feeling like a fish out of water. The purpose is to take away the fear of the new experiences such as getting around the city, going to the market, meeting new people, and looking for rentals or land to purchase. Well brother Prince has already created it and we are living witnesses.

Palace Afrika 
The apartments consist of 2 bedrooms, 1 bath and are offered at a discounted rate for repatriates. The longer you stay, the better the price. Let’s just say, for one’s month rent that we were paying in Los Angeles, we will be paying brother Prince for 6 months at Palace Africa. The only other monetary concerns we will pay for outside of rent is for food and necessities.  Like the Notorious B.I.G. said, “It was all a dream…,” but now, we don’t have any major bills.  

The first day we arrived bother Prince started placing calls and connecting us with others that would aid in our research on the ground. He reached out to a brother by the name of Eric who has been here a little over a year. Brother Eric has already bought 5 acres of land and started his build project. Eric also helped another African born in America purchase some land. Brother Prince arranged a meeting with brother Eric so we could see his land as well as his build project. Eric purchased land in an area called Dodowa. The price for one acre of land in Dodowa, which about 45 minutes to one hour outside the city of Accra, was $5,000. Think about that for a minute. Where in America or Europe would you purchase an acre of land for $5,000? Although, the land was affordable and the view from the mountain was absolutely stunning, it was just a bit too far for us and we decided we needed to be closer to the city to be involved with DJ’s homeschool co-op and for business purposes. We were informed that there are plenty of untouched properties closer to the city that sell for less money but it’s all about researching and seeing what’s out there.
@Brother Eric's Build Site
After our visit to brother Eric’s place we reconvened with brother Prince and he said, “I will ensure that we explore every option and when you find the land you want to purchase, I know the people who can build for you and the places to acquire the materials.” As you can see Brother Prince is very knowledgeable, very well connected in Ghana, and most important has a big heart. This African brother is seeking to help those Africans born in America make this journey back home as smooth as possible. The fact that he has already completed his tourist lodge and is starting his repatriation apartments, is evident he knows how to get land purchased and building completed. So, we are in good hands. We have a home, we have comfort, we have a team as we explore the available land options and get to know the city. We aren’t pressured to do anything any time soon. You could not ask for more. Stay flexible with your plans and stay tune for more of our journey. Until next time…

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  1. Yup! I can attest to the fact that Prince is a good man and well-connected!

    Congrats on making the decision to own!

  2. Wow, house and land for 20k!? Really!?