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Global Thinkers Aren't Created In Classrooms!

Dj Learning @ Sea World, CA
Should I home-school my child? For most black families, the answer is a simple, “no!” A few years back, the Parks were one of those black families who would say, “no way” to this type of schooling. There are many reasons why black families decide not to home-school their young scholars including, but not limited to, lack of time, lack of money, lack of patience, or just sure lack of desire to be responsible for their children's education. Most of us in the black community have the mindset of “let someone else take on the responsibility of teaching my child(ren).” What are we really saying when we decide to allow our children to be educated by someone else? Do we care enough about our children to put in the work to raise them to be global thinkers who are afforded an education with a well-rounded curriculum that teaches them about who they are? More than likely we are saying we would rather opt for traditional schooling where someone else shoulders that responsibility. "Public school was good enough for me, so it's good enough for my children." This mentality is part of the reason why our children are being failed by a system we continue to subject them to. Given the current circumstances in our society, we cannot afford to remain loyal to traditions that may not be beneficial to us or our communities.

DJ @ Grand Canyon
When we arrived in California in 2013, our son was barely a year old. We had already made up our minds that we would find a great school, with good test scores, and when he turned 5 years old, he would be heading to traditional school. At the time, homeschooling was not even an option and we believed that home-schooled children were not be properly socialized. However, since 2013, our view on homeschooling has changed drastically. From our personal experiences, we saw an educational system forcing our children to learn in a way that was rigid and unnatural. We saw and continue to see our young scholars being systematically weeded out by standardized testing, being misdiagnosed with learning disabilities, and being suspended from school for unnecessary reasons. In addition, schools are not teaching the appropriate information that our children need to be prepared for life outside of the classroom and in some cases are teaching inaccurate information (whether intentional or unintentional) about their history. All of these factors cause our children not to get the quality education they deserve. When do we as parents step up and become our children’s primary teachers? Honestly how many of us actually ever think about being responsible for their entire education and determine what they learn and how they learn it? Believe it or not, black parents are starting to set up to the plate. Statistics show that more African American families are moving towards the homeschooling method as the means for educating their children. 
Dj Mastering Chopsticks
We made the decision that our son’s education was more important to us than time or the financial sacrifice it would take to educate him. Sure, the mere thought of the time and dedication it would take to home-school him seemed scary at times and even daunting, but we figured it wasn’t impossible. We never thought of ourselves as formal educators but now we realize homeschooling is the only viable option for our son. We have all the necessary knowledge, resources (i.e. Google), and skills to teach our own child. We found several teaching tools online that make the teaching process even easier. We all have some form of teaching in us and should embrace the challenge of teaching our children rather than being intimidated by it. The world around us can assist in teaching our children and honestly they learn more outside the classroom than they do in it.
Dj Playing Steal Drum, Route 66
After much discussion, we came to the conclusion that we wanted to raise a global thinker and we wanted his learning to be as culturally diverse as possible.  It was not long before we came across the concept of world-schooling. For those of you who are unfamiliar the term, it simply means that people teach their children while traveling around the world and immersing themselves in various cultures and environments. Rather than being confined to one school with the same setting, the same playground, and the same friends, they are exposed to so much more when they travel and study abroad. They play with kids of different social, cultural, and economic backgrounds, they hear and speak different languages, they see and experience different lifestyles, and they learn that there are many ways to learn about themselves and the world they live in. They also develop the intangibles of fearlessness, empathy, and adaptability by being in so many different places with different people. We believe this type of learning fits our family and we are setting out on an adventure to make the world our classroom.
Dj @ USS Midway, CA
Until next time……………….

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