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Don’t Just Be Inspired, Become The Inspiration

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Don’t Just Be Inspired, Become The Inspiration

When our family decided to embark upon this journey to Repatriate to Africa, we were simply looking to live life at its fullest. Looking forward to more family time, more free time, and more time to engage in enjoyable activities. However, during our research phase we constantly came across the lack of information regarding Africa, misconceptions regarding Africa, and the overall fear by our community to even consider moving/traveling to  Africa. Thus, we came to the conclusion that there was a need for access to quality information about repatriating to Africa, living in Africa, and traveling to the continent. As a result, The Repat Diaries was born!

Although we've yet to begin our journey, you all have seen us preparing for the big move via our blog. Since posting our first blog back in September, we have reached so many people so quickly and a lot of you have reached right back out to us. Over the last few weeks we gotten comments on our Facebook or Instagram pages, emails, and calls from people looking for more information on moving to Africa, homeschooling, travel tips, etc. It's like we became repatriating gurus overnight. But seriously, we were surprised to hear from so many of you and noticed an the overarching theme of, "You and your family are such an inspiration!" 

We found it strange that by doing something that people do everyday, moving aboard, we had become an inspiration. One person stated, "I've been pondering about making the move to Africa for years. I think that you and your family making the decision to move and doing it so quickly inspired me to make the move next summer."  Although we love the fact that our journey is inspiring people in our community, we are a little alarmed by the amount of people who are inspired but have made it very clear that they would never embark on such a journey themselves or couldn't fathom doing what we are doing. Some of the people have even told us that they would never move to Africa or even outside of America. Our question would be,"Why?" 

Why do  people in our community sit back, look at others ventures in awe, and then do nothing to pursue their our passions? From our conversations, many desire to achieve some of the same goals which we have outlined in our story. Yet, it seems that taking chances or risks to follow one's passions has become more about "given lip service" rather than actual action. In no way are we saying that you shouldn't be inspired by us or anyone for that matter. What are are saying is that with the many talents, skills, and ideas that the black community possesses, there is no reason for our people to sit on their hands and watch other people be great. Be inspired, but allow your inspiration to lead you to putting actions behind the "awe." It should become a vicious cycle of inspiring each other to do more, be more, and achieve more. 

We surely hope our adventures continues to give hope and inspire others. We look forward to being inspired by you too! 


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1 comment:

  1. We were rather cautious in uprooting our 4 kids in various states of maturity. We visited the location quite frequently prior to a big move. At the end of the day, as long as we had income that was portable, it made everything easier.