The Repat Diaries  "The Parks Family" From California to Ghana, West Africa Growing Pains "The only thing in life that is constant is change." This may sound a little cliché, but over the last three years that saying has really resonated with our family because we've grown so much through trial and error. We were chasing what we had been conditioned to believe was "The American Dream." We wanted a higher education, a house with the picket fence, two and a half kids, and a dog thinking that would bring happiness and fulfillment but instead we were faced with emptiness and disappointment. Truth be told, we obtained the higher education but the debt that accompanied it wasn't worth it. Our debt to income ratio was so high that we could barely get approved for enough money to buy a mobile home. We were able to have one of the two and a half kids but the cost for child care per month alone made us rethink the other kid and a half. A